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What is Meta?

Definition: Denoting a higher order, more than usual or going above and beyond, transcends it original limits, considering the subject itself as an object of reflection.


Transcending the typical limits of commercial real estate advisory to bring a higher order of specialized knowledge and results to our clients, partners, and team.


Seek the most visionary CRE assignments while serving world class organizations. Whatever the situation, our tactics remain the same; exceed expectations and achieve world class results.

FOR SALE - Avon - Raceway Market Jaggers

Available in Avon, IN
  • 2,837 SF | 2.03 acres
  • Thomas English
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Greyhound Plaza Outbuilding

Office/Medical Space in Carmel, IN
  • 2,645 SF | 1st Floor
  • Jon Jurhs
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Struggling to find real estate experts who are authentic, intentional, transparent, and expedient? The struggle is real, but it ends here.

Jon Jurhs, Owner/Principal

Tom English, Owner/Principal

Courtney Galyan, Owner/Principal

Michael Cranfill, Owner/Principal

James Cloud, Junior Broker

Craig Ramsay, Broker

We understand the stress of finding a broker that you can trust to help you through the buying and selling process. We are here to make sure we guide you each step of the way. Our brokerage is dedicated to making sure you feel valued as a customer and helping you find what exactly your looking for.

Jon Jurhs

Tom English

Courtney Galyan

Michael Cranfill

James Cloud

Craig Ramsay

Authentic Intentional Transparent Expedient

metaCRE uses higher order strategy to find the best on or off-market site, locate that hard to find premium redevelopment site and identify strong growth markets.

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We promise to be available for any questions, concerns, and to be there through every step of your journey providing genuine guidance, transparent market intelligence.

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